Stop Procrastinating, Start Moving

Stop Procrastinating, Start Moving

October 17, 2019
Procrastination can sap your motivation. Lots of us are guilty of it. Time runs away with us, there’s something more exciting to do, but stalling wastes time and leaves you feeling a bit meh. Here are my tips for kicking ass when you’d rather kick back.

I have a five second rule. When the alarm goes off, I have 5 seconds to get up and ready for the day. Any longer and I’ll start thinking about it, roll over and the moment’s gone. It’s good to get into the habit before the clocks change and those hideous dark mornings creep in.
Same goes for later on. After work, it’s so easy to slump on the sofa, but prep will stop you bailing. Pack the night before or pile your gym kit by the bed or in the car. That way you’ll roll out of bed or work and can get straight to it.

Morning workouts can be tough. But keep trying and one morning you’ll do it. After staggering out of the house, you’re on your way – and it’s such a brilliant start to the day! Listen to your body tonight and prepare it for tomorrow. Go to bed earlier; start with a soak in the bath and a good book. Routine is key and much easier to stick to during the week. It’s all about changing your mindset and creating positive changes and rituals. That 6am alarm won’t be such a shock once you’ve got a few under your belt.
If early mornings are just too hard or impractical, then don’t feel doomed. Find your optimum hour for exercise, or even a quick 15 min YouTube video, and block it out in your diary. It’ll be over much quicker than the time you spend thinking about it. And make it regular.

Routine is key but also grab a moment to exercise if the mood takes you! Willpower can ebb and flow. If you’re feeling it, just get your kit on and go. Exercise isn’t a luxury. You’re not being selfish going to your HIIT class. You’ve booked it, you’ve psyched yourself up, so just run out the door. No-one will care! You’ll be back in no time, smug and glowing, before anyone’s barely noticed.

Goals are great but don’t aim so high that you fall at the first hurdle. Running twice a week might be your main aim. But if you add on crash diets and other regimes, then you’re more likely to crumble, get injured or just feel miserable. Don’t deprive yourself. Build it up, see what comes naturally and try new things. Keep plugging away and notice the little changes. Maybe you’re super chirpy when you get to work. Maybe you’re creeping up to 20 press-ups. Or you’ve raced the kids uphill without stopping. This is all progress! Focus on the pay-off when daily life tries to sap your willpower. And if you slip up, don't be down on yourself and sack off your goals. Just start again tomorrow.

So you’re the world’s worst procrastinator and keep putting off exercise. Flip that on its head and use exercise to put off other things! Can’t face your accounts, the housework or supermarket shop? Run or go to the gym instead. At least it’s a positive pause; you’ll come bouncing back, revived and ready to tackle boring life admin.

Music can give you an instant mood boost. Create a banging playlist to blast out when you’re in the kitchen, or in the car. Turn it up, harness the happy feeling and get your trainers on. Even if you don’t leave the house, bust some moves and you’ll feel the better for it.


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