Personal Training

Fitness is for Everyone

It does not matter if you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, or simply want to live a healthier life; a professional personal training program created specifically with you and your needs in mind will take you as far as you want to go.

Personal Training

Louise has run her own personal training business for 19 years now and has built up a wealth of knowledge over the years. She is level 4 qualified in all aspects of Personal training from exercise prescription, exercise instruction, nutrition for weight loss, nutrition for sports performance, group fitness instruction and exercise for specialist populations.

She has and still does train individuals with a variety of needs, wants and goals.
She trains people of all ages, all fitness levels and also those with disabilities, medical conditions and mental health challenges.

Whatever your goals are, she can help you to reach them and sometimes challenge you to reach more than what you thought was your full potential. She has a very friendly approach and will always train you in a professional and fun manner. Louise can train you in one of the two gyms she rents or in the comfort of your own home.

Strength Training

If you want to become a stronger version of yourself, you can work either in the gym or at your home to build strength.

Strength conditioning is a very important part of your fitness regime and is important for all ages, and sexes.

As we age strength training helps us to not only to keep the body and joints strong and supported but also helps to prevent osteoporosis.

Cardio vascular Strength and Endurance

Keeping your fitness levels in tune will in turn make everyday life easier for you. Cardiovascular strength and endurance is key to keeping your heart and lungs healthy. If you keep your body fat to a healthy level you will have less chance of developing life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes and certain types of cancers.

Louise’s background is in Health-Related Fitness and Exercise, which means she will have your health as her number one priority. She will ensure that you carry out your exercise program to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which in turn will help you to improve your self-esteem, self image and improve your energy levels.

She loves all aspects of cardiovascular training but has a passion for boxing fitness and road Cycling.

Flexibility, Core strength and Balance

These are all vital parts of a holistic approach to your fitness and wellbeing and are very much an important part of a well-balanced fitness regime. Louise can help you to improve all these areas through a variety of training routines.

Ante and Post Natal Training

Louise is a level 4 Ante and Postnatal exercise specialist and can help you through every step of your pregnancy.

Offering expert advice on safe and correct techniques on how to keep fit and healthy during this time of huge physical change. Keeping you blooming throughout pregnancy and making the birth and postnatal recovery easier.

Having gone through two pregnancies herself and experiencing every challenge a pregnancy and birth has to offer, you will also be getting a trainer with a wealth of personal experience in this field.

The key is safe and effective exercise, so that you are keeping yourself and baby safe throughout this special time.

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  • I have been client of Louise for over 15 years. The sessions are always enjoyable but I am worked hard.

    As a result I am in great shape entering my senior years , fit and healthy and looking forward to the next 15 !

    Thank you sincerely Louise.
    PT Client
  • I have been to many classes and had a variety of personal trainers.

    Louise is unique. Her bubbly personality, inventive and varied classes not only work you hard but keep you motivated week in week out.

    I can honestly say that Louise is the best trainer I have ever had
    PT Client
  • It is without any reservations that I recommend Louise to you as a personal trainer. You really could not make a better choice.

    Louise has been my inspiration from the beginning of my ‘fitness adventure’, supporting me at every point along the way; through the good and the tough times her expertise as a trainer is second to none, every step of the way has been focussed on my fitness and strength needs at any specific stage
    PT Client
  • I have been training with Louise for the past 16 years, and it never gets any easier!! (this is a good thing!) .

    I train with Louise 3 times per week and I actually think I am still as fit now as I was 16 years ago.

    Louise never lets u give up when she knows u can do it and gives u that confidence to push yourself in order to achieve your goals
    PT Client


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