Fitness For Good

Fitness For Good

October 28, 2018

It’s all very well trying to get fitter, but even I can struggle with motivation sometimes. So I try to find new challenges and, even better, do them for charity. Maybe it’s a mid-40s thing, my conscience calling - but whatever it is has put a rocket up me!

I’ve also had friends and family dealing with tough health conditions and terminal illness. In 2017 I saw them in the worst situations and felt totally useless. So I decided to do something big (in my own way) to somehow help. I took on an ultra white-collar boxing match and let me say… it was absolutely terrifying. Not half as scary as going through cancer, obviously. I told myself that every time I woke up exhausted, in a cold sweat with a broken nose, wondering how I could possibly get into the ring (and survive)!

Mass participation is a big buzz. Local events will feel less scary. Start with a Park Run, which doesn’t require any commitment, and enjoy the social element. Once you’ve signed up to something, look on forums or join social media communities linked to that, or other events. People are doing all kinds of crazy things and will give you lots of tips and encouragement. Doing something you care about takes it way beyond a physical challenge. You’ve got an even bigger purpose and reason to go for it!

Going public. Tell your friends, your workmates, go on social media, put it out there - everyone will be super impressed and rooting for you. They’ll keep asking about it and then you’ll have to keep going! Set a date. Having a goal and a deadline is a big motivator and focuses your mind. For me, six or twelve weeks is a great time frame to channel your energies without feeling like you’ve signed away your life. It’s doable and you can plan something lovely at the end of it. And let’s not forget, you’ll be fitter, glowing and can polish that halo too.


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